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HTC Tool & Cutter Manufacturing utilizes Platit Advanced Coating System machines to coat their end mills and cutting tools in house. Platit is a Switzerland based company that produces state-of-the-art coating machines for the cutting tool manufacturing industry. Platit is known throughout the industry as being the leader in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology.

Coating Selection Chart
Coating Name Color Hardness Coefficient of Friction Properties and Typical Use
TiN - TITANIUM NITRIDE Gold 81 RC 0.4 Very good corrosion resistance, heat transmission and wear resistance.

Results in less galling, improved surface finish, 3 to 8 time increased tool life depending on application and increased feeds/speeds.

Use on ferrous metals, hardened steels and stainless steels.
TiCN - PROGRESSIVE COAT Bronze 90 RC 0.3 Very good wear resistance on abrasive, adhesive and difficult to machine materials. Harder and more impact resistant than TiN coatings.

Results in improved surface finish, increased tool life up to 800% depending on application, increased feeds and speeds.

Use on cast iron, aluminum alloys, tool steels copper, iconel and titanium alloys.
AlTiN - HARD COAT Dark Blue 90 RC 0.35 Very good in high speed, dry, high temperature machining. Very high heat resistance.

Results in smooth chip evacuation, reduced material welding. Low heat conductivity reduces thermal stresses within the tool.

Use on hard to machine materials.
ZrN - ZIRCONIUM NITRIDE Light Gold 81 RC 0.35 High heat resistance, very good abrasion resistance and lubricity.

Results in reduced built up edges when machining aluminum and titanium alloys.

Use on aluminum materials, magnesium and general machining operations.